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Do you want to make a difference?


Live Connected.

Melissa’s expertise in identifying potential in others, relationship building, training, networking and strong belief everyone has a gift to
connect the areas of your life that matter most.

with Self

Identify your core values, your gifts, & life purpose

with Health

Creating good habits for a healthy body & mind

with Family

Being present for loved ones every single day

Connect with Business

Understanding the value of Connecting with Others

Why did I launch this site?

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Meet Melissa

Welcome!  For years I worked in Corporate America which provided me a broad range of immeasurable experiences with amazing mentors and teams.  A few areas I worked in: Human Resource, Talent Management, Organization Development, and Training & Development on a local and global level.   Being recognized for leading and executing programs with excellence across our global community was very rewarding…BUT   it wasn’t enough. In 2014, my journey took me on a different path.  This forced me to experience different aspects of my life with a very different lens.

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Here we are today!!! My purpose is to build a community of learning, connecting people to build upon each other’s talents, and to serve others in a way of being part of a positive ripple in their lives.

This page is part of that journey…be prepared, this journey has a map with many roads still under construction…and I am glad you are taking that journey with me. Why? I am engaged in the effort to ensure I raise as many of you UP and help you Live Connected.

Currently I reside in Naples, FL with my family enjoying volunteering at the school my children attend, leading the school organic garden, and most importantly having balance which allows me quality family time. OH yeah, I have a home based business and I lead a Professional Women’s Networking group.
Keep in touch, I have so much to share! xo

Featured Blog Posts

“Melissa has been a God sent to me. She has put me on a healthy path of living life. She gives great advice and leadership towards my goals. Without her my journey would have continued to be unhealthy. Thank you Melissa”

Kerry G.

“What a benefit to my business and personal growth the women’s networking group has been! This group in particular has a warm inviting feel and a deep sense of belonging once you’re there!”

Katherine E.

“This group is full of AMAZING women who support each other constantly! This is much more than a networking group, this is a family! We laugh together, learn together, and support each other’s growth on a daily basis! So blessed to be a part of something so beneficial, professionally & personally!”

Samantha A.

“My favorite thing about Melissa is her genuine nature. She truly cares about everybody she comes in contact with and she is always thinking of how she can support others. In turn, she quickly becomes somebody who you want to work with, support and ultimately, be friends with!”

Melissa N.

“Melissa is a brilliant connector — of people to people and people to passion.”

Elle D.



What is Live Connected?

Live connected focuses on 4 key ingredients — self, health, family, and business. Watch the video to find out more!

What is the Live Connected Mission?
Live Connected is all about bringing balance into your life by finding “your why” and focusing your energy into your passion.

What does Live Connect have to do with Network Marketing?
Network Marketing provides flexibility in life and business to help you achieve your goals. Click here to learn more!

How can I find out more?
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