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Do you read cues when you meet someone?

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Business | 0 comments

“You must make the connection on many different levels, best way is to observe”

-Melissa Rocchio, Live Connected

Do you read cues when you meet someone?


I just read an article from Inc. Magazine that talks about some cues to be aware of when you meet someone for the first time.  I do my fair share of networking with many different groups.  I make it a point to observe how people interact with me, with others, and if there is a presentation  how they are reacting to the speaker.

Why do I make it a point to observe?

Sometimes it just may be the person is nervous, first time at an event, had a dramatic experience at an event, is an introvert, or was volun-told to attend (we’ve all been there before!!).  In all these cases you may be the one to change their perspective and now you both could be potential resources to each other.


Click HERE to read the descriptions by the contributing editor John Brandon.


I’m just getting back from a tech trade show in Las Vegas where I had to meet dozens of people, some for the first time. Many were contacts who know me only as the person on the receiving end of an email or phone call. Others I’ve met only a few times. And a few are on a first-name basis; I consider them friends.

One thing I noticed is that there are certain body language cues people send when you first meet them. A few are obvious; others require a bit more perception.


1. Arms open slightly and ready to hug
2. Fake smile or real smile
3. The awkward quick handshake
4. The side glance
5. Over-nodding
6. The lean-in move


I would be interested in your thoughts on this article and possibly share your experience(s) when meeting someone for the first time in the comments section.

Let me know if you have any questions.  If you know anyone who can benefit from this, if you love and care about them, you will share this.

Many blessings,